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Charlot Lucien is a Haitian visual artists and illustrator based in Norwood MA.  He is also the founder of the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts.  
His works encompasses a variety of social, cultural and humanitarian topics, with a particular emphasis on his Haitian cultural heritage symbolized by the ancestral drum.  He has exubited primarily in New England and his artworks and paintings have been featured in various magazines, the Massachusetts transit system and book and newspaper covers in the US, France and England. His work is also featured in the art book: "Migrating Colors: Haitian Art in New England" released in 2018.
All original paintings, Oil on canvas: $1000 to $1500.  
All reproduction on canvas: $225 - $250
Delivery:  Shipping $10-S15 or pick up in Norwood, Massachusetts
Contact the artist: or email:
Phone: 617-669-0038

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