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The Nehemiah Project for Hope dedicated to serving the need of women, children, elders, mentally and physically challenged people living in Haiti, and in Massachusetts. we encourage, educate and empower the community we serve.

Children coping with parents in prison!

At Nehemiah Project for Hope one of our mission is helping children cope with having a parent in prison or in some cases both parents in Haiti. we work with children between the ages of newborn to 18 years of age, who have at least one parent in prison. We create an environment where these children can live a more normal life, even in the absence of a parent. As we all aware that separation from parents often leads to depression, anxiety and anger, our team works with this children on a daily basis to help them understand that it is not about them. We recognize these children are victims of crime they didn’t commit.

We keep parents connected with their children while incarcerated. The children write letters to their mom or dad. and include photographs, report cards, and one of our staff deliver the letter to that parent. We attend parent family meeting in the children school and keep the parent updated of their child/children progress. it is very important to keep them in contact with their love one.

At Nehemiah Project for Hope we recognize that parent who are in jail shouldn’t feel useless to their children regardless of the crime. And the children shouldn’t feel that they’re being punish for what their parents did. Therefore, supporting these family and their children help break the cycle from repeated again from generation to generation. These children are part of a group in society that no one seem to think about, we need to bring them to others attention lets not ignore them.

Our organization also works with these family while incarcerated, by providing assistance with rent, food, school and other things to keep the household running. After they are release from jail we help them strive for a life beyong prison, we also help them until they get on their feet.

Our other area of focus is on young men and women 17 to 25 years old, in jail or being release who are at highest risk of going back to jail once release. We provide group counseling training to give them the skills and tools for a successful living outside of the prison wall. While emphasizing that staying out of jail is very important for their wellbeing.

Let us remember the children of prisoner, when a Mother or a Father get sentence it become the children sentence as well. It’s up to us not to make the children pay for their parent mistakes in society. Let us consider the children for a better tomorrow.

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    Good job

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  2. Mariane Louis
    Mariane Louis

    Nehemiah keep it up

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