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The Law Office of Elda S. James concentrates in the areas of:


Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts

Family Law: Adoption, Custody, and Divorce

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury, including medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents


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2 Reviews

  1. Felicia

    Very Unprofessional, Never available, Rude, and argumentative while blame shifting.

    I was visiting Boston from Florida I had Elda handle my Auto accident that happened there, so i thought…. So I go and fill out the paperwork need to start this process and I head back home to FL when my vacation was over. I received paperwork from the insurance company to fill out and return about a week after the accident. I did that. But never received anything from this attorney. So I do as i’m told and find a chiropractic care to take care of my back and while being months into this situation, I hear that there is a cap on the insurance company at fault, and that my pockets are going to be directly billed with the remaining care service bills. I haven’t heard from Elda in MONTHS. No phone, No email, nothing. So I called her asked her why i didn’t know about any of theses stipulations and she proceeded to be argumentative with me about me not calling her to ask questions prior, when our initial meeting had no information about that either. She informed be that she would STILL be receiving her portion of that settlement no matter if i have outstanding bills from the chiropractor. My response was ” Elda, I hired you as my attorney to handle this case, and how can it be handled if you didn’t inform me of any of this information?” Her response was ” I think you’re right, i didn’t call you , and I should have and you are wrong because you didn’t call me.” Ultimately I had to relieve her of her duties, because she was unprofessional, argumentative, rude, and misinformed me so she could just get her check. DO NOT USE THIS ATTORNEY !

    March 5, 2018 at 7:38 pm Reply
  2. Lakeisha H
    Lakeisha H

    I was referred to Attorney Elda James and she is extremely unprofessional to say the least. I was in an accident a little over a month ago and trying to communicate with her during this process was a nightmare. Her office opens up at 11am and she doesn’t start returning phone calls until 1pm-ish, but she rather email you around 6pm about important matters concerning the case anyway. She emailed me 1 evening accusing me of not starting treatment for my injury and wanted me to explain myself. She said “it was reported to her that I hadn’t started my treatment” when I finally got her on the phone she stated that “ I didn’t go to the place she told me to go to” and that she prefers to work with people she knows and she was quite upset that instead “I took it upon myself to find a chiropractor to get treatment” May I add she did NOT tell me her chiropractor friends was the only way she would be able to handle my case appropriately, when we initially met. She only nonchalantly threw out the name of her place when she thought I didn’t have a place in mind that day, as a suggestion. She then proceeded to give me information (which I later found out that day was incorrect ) and told me I should of called her when I told her I wasn’t aware of anything she was saying. She also stated she had papers for me to sign and before I got off the phone with her she said “situations like this isn’t a free ride.” As if I was faking my injuries solely to receive a check. The next day when I went into her office to sign said paper work , she then asked me who I was (as if she didn’t remember me ) when I stated my name she said she was resigning from my case and then started chanting in a different language(not creole) when I asked if there is any papers to sign since she was suddenly resigning. She was unprofessional, rude and she insulted my character. As a business owner I would never treat any of my clients this way. I would NEVER recommend Elda, she is an absolute pain to work with and does NOT have your best in mind.

    March 7, 2018 at 10:15 pm Reply

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